Tourist in Norway

Plan a vacation in Norway?

Welcome to Norway – the land of the midnight sun, fjords and mountains – and electric cars.

There are at the moment more than 100.000 electric cars in Norway, and the number is increasing every month. That makes a higher and higher demand for enough infrastructure for all electric cars
The main purpose of this article is to give you as tourist in Norway some helpful pointers to a trouble-free vacation with an electric car, hopefully without range-angciety.


  1. Install the «ladenå»-app or similar on your mobile phone
  2. Order Autopass
  3.  Get hold of a Type 2 charge-cable if you have none from before
  4. UMC cable – talk to Tesla in Norway if it can be possible to rent one or buy one
  5. Bring your Chademo adapter
  6. Get hold of an RFID-card for commercial charging stations

The ladenå-app

When travelling in Norway, this application for your mobile phone  can be smart. The database behind, is updated and maintained by the norwegian EV assosiation regurarly, and all chargepoints, from municipal chargers outside town halls or schools, to more commercial chargers are listed here. All the TOCN-sponsored chargers are listed here as well.


When driving an electric car in Norway, all public toll roads are free, as long as you have signed up for an «AutoPASS» agreement and received an electronic tag, or have registered your excisting one with autopass.

The tag can be ordered by any of the companies listed in the following link and sent you in the mail .

Make sure to apply for a «fritaksavtale» to get free toll roads.
Sometimes the front window does not allow the signal from the tag to come through properly. In that case – put it in the back window, or put it in the nose cone as shown in the following video:

 Type-2 cable

It can be very useful to have a type-2 cable.

You can get one at Tesla, but they can be obtained several places if you do not have one from before.
Some charging-stations have a cable connected, but there are quite a few without as well.

Tesla owners Club Norway have sponsored an amount of 22kW chargers at various shoppingmalls and hotels around the country. You can check them out here:

CHAdeMO adapter

Remember your Chademo adapter if you have one.
It is also possible to borrow a Chademo-adapter on various locations around the contry:

Other useful Information

Charging using a normal Tesla charge cable(UMC)

It is not possible to use your EU UMC in Norway on most locations. This is because most of the Norwegian electric grid is different from the rest of Europe.
We have a net called IT-net, where the ground connector is connected a different way.
An EU UMC will trigger an alarm when connected to the IT net and not allow you to charge. 
The places where you can see red commando-plugs installed, you probably can make an EU UMC work as newer buildings have TN net as in most of Europe.
The safest way to make sure you can charge using a plug at the hotel, is to borrow a or buy a Norwegian UMC from Tesla in Norway . 

Ferries in Norway

On ferries, you normally pay for passengers and the car(includes driver), but with an electric car, you normally only pay for driver and passengers. There are a few exeptions: On the Flakk-Rørvik ferry, you only pay for the car, as passengers are free.

There is a  toll-road part in some ferrytickets. You should not need to pay this.


Parking in the street  or on public parkingspots are normally free for electric vehichles.  All parking with P-signs that are blue with white P, are normally owned by the municipality.
If in doubt, check the sign on the machine. If you  find a coat of arms and the word «kommune», you should be able to park for free as long as you follow a few rules:

Check if there is a time limit on how long you can park. if so, write a note and put it in the window saying «parkert klokken hh:mm «+ the date. (put in the time you parked) Remember to be back in time.
You can use a parking clock as well(examples shown below.

Some municipalities will charge you anyway, and an electric car will normally pay in all parking garages. Check this list to make sure:

If you need help

Remember to enjoy yourself – and if you find yourself in trouble when it comes to charging, there might be a Tesla-owner living close, or you can get some expert help through our facebook group, our page, or through the discussion forum on,59.0.html

Where to rent a Tesla

Some rental companies where you can rent a Tesla in Norway



Where to go

There are so many nice places to go in Norway. Some strive for the very north like North Cape(Nordkapp) and the midnight sun, some for fjords and others for mountain exploration. Tromsø is at winter the place to see Northern Lights.
For fjords: check for inspiration here:
For more information about where to go and what to see in Norway – check  Visit Norway 

A film from June 2016  in Flåm